Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course teach me how to write my main website? 

No. The Copy-to-Cash Machine 3.0 is specifically focused on giving you everything you need to write your opt in page, emails and sales page, the three pieces of copy that actually make you money. You may find you don’t even need a traditional website if you don’t already have one. That said, the clarity you’ll get in the Copy to Cash Machine 3.0 on the value of what you offer may very well help you improve the message on your main website as well. 

Why don’t I just hire a copywriter to do it for me? 

Here’s the inconvenient truth about us copywriters: We don’t guarantee results. We can’t. Why? Because it’s not an exact science, it’s partly an art. And because there are so many factors that influence sales success…your price, whether you’re marketing to the right people, how much you invest in advertising, and on and on. So we copywriters take your money, do our very best, and cross our fingers. 

The truth most copywriters will never tell you is: unless your business is already successful (you’re making lots of money and/or have a list of thousands of people) -- a scenario where the nuances a professional copywriter can deliver a return on investment – hiring a copywriter probably isn’t a good bet for you. A decent one (like me) charges many thousands of dollars just for a sales page. And even the best copy can’t make up for a business with little or no following, or a lack of clarity around your target market or the benefits of what you offer. You’d only be throwing money away. (I’m sorry if you’ve done this already; I’d like to save you from doing it again!)  

The great news is, when you learn to do your copy yourself, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how well it can work—AND how much better you understand your business and the value it brings. I’ve had clients become so confident after reading their own copy that they doubled their prices! And no one knows or cares about your business like you do.  

But what about delegating? (My coach told me I should.) 

Many well-known experts write their own copy, even when they delegate everything else. It’s that intimate and important! Still, you can always give your already-good first draft to a professional copywriter to “polish” for a whole lot less money – and better results -- than than having him or her write from scratch. 

For all these reasons, copywriting is a fantastic—and endlessly profitable -- skill for YOU to acquire. 

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