Attention online course and product creators, coaches, experts and consultants:

Finally…. The Step-By-Step Training That Teaches You Everything You Need to Know (and Nothing You Don’t) to Write the Copy that Sells your Online Course or Product on Autopilot!

Has this ever happened to you? 

You create an amazing online course, coaching program or information product…you slave over every piece of content, lovingly design each slide and handout, squeezing every ounce of your knowledge and expertise into it. It’s taken you months – maybe even years – of hard work. 

Finally, it’s done, and you know it’s exactly what your clients need. Everyone from your coach to your mom agrees it’s AWESOME. You’re so excited! You can’t wait to get it into your clients’ hands.

 But then you release it to the world and your heart sinks… because instead of Cha–CHINGs and applause, you’re hearing CRICKETS. 

What is UP? Isn’t it obvious how AWESOME your course is? 

Well, sorry, but no. 

It’s not because your stuff isn’t great, but because your COPY doesn’t begin to do it justice. 

Right now, thousands of coaches and consultants are creating online courses, hoping to make that elusive “passive income”, of course … but also to touch and impact more people with their gifts.

But how can you find the words to express how your creation will transform your client’s life or business…without sounding like a hypey salesperson, or like everyone else selling a similar product?

It seems so unfair… all you ever wanted when you started your business was to help people and make good money doing it. 

How come no one ever told you you’d have to become a great writer to succeed? 

And come to think of it, what do you even write? Should it be a page on your website? A series of blogs? Some Facebook or Instagram posts? Ads? Or maybe you should do a bunch of Youtube videos or Periscopes or Facebook Live broadcasts. 

And you keep hearing about how you need a big, complex “sales funnel” with a million moving parts. 

It makes your head spin…Every day it seems like there’s more content to create, more technology to learn, more to-do’s to add to your already groaning plate. 

Does it REALLY have to be so complicated to sell a simple course or product??? 

The answer is NO. And I’m going to cut through all the confusion for you…and show you how SIMPLE it can be to create the copy that sells your product! 

I’m Lisa Rothstein, an award-winning copywriter who’s worked at the big “Mad Men” ad agencies on brands like IBM and Hanes, and on copy for big-name coaches and gurus selling masterminds, online courses and info-products. 

I’ve seen it all, and have had my hand in many multiple six-figure launches… and I can honestly say it all comes down to three steps: 

Connect, cultivate and close. 

For us entrepreneurs doing business online, that boils down to three distinct pieces of copy: An opt-in page, an email sequence and a sales page. 

That’s it. Just those three pieces. 

YET… Most entrepreneurs do NOT have these three basic fundamentals in place. 

 Instead, they fuss endlessly with their About page on their website. 

They sit glassy-eyed through hours of free training on super-advanced funnels that require the weapons-grade technology that the marketing gurus geek out over (but is WAY over the heads of most other people.) 

They blow hours on social media strategies that lead nowhere… 

They send out random email blasts and newsletters when the mood (or desperation) strikes.... 

 It’s madness…when all they need is the simple system I call the 3-Step Copy-to-Cash Machine. 

To sell one simple course or product, this is all you need. Everything else is a distraction. 

Mastering writing opt in pages, email sequences and sales pages is the key to selling online. 

Because your opt-in page, email campaign and sales page form an online “cash machine” that works on autopilot to invite new customers into your business, grow the relationship and generate sales on an ongoing basis. You really can just “set it and forget it.” 

Best of all, you don’t have to be a great writer to make this work for you. 

You just have to understand some basic how-tos and why-tos of sales copy — all of which make total sense once someone simply explains them to you. (It’s NOT rocket science, REALLY!) 

I got so tired of seeing the marketing “gurus” tell you how you had to know all these “secrets” to create good copy. I knew my clients were intelligent enough to do it themselves, and sell their courses and programs to bring in steady streams of income….but they were paralyzed. 

That’s why I created my training, The 3-Step Copy-to-Cash Machine 3.0

"Lisa made copywriting so simple…when it used to be this big overwhelming monster hanging over my head. She was super-generous and answered all our questions. I highly recommend jumping in her class, you will not be disappointed!” 

Umoh luna 

This is for you if:

  • You have a course or information product you want to sell online, or are thinking of creating one. 
  • You have NO idea how to get started writing your copy 
  • You HAVE started writing copy for your products, but it’s not working the way you want. 
  • You want to understand your customers better so that you can speak to their hearts and minds more effectively 
  • You’re a coach, consultant or advice-giving expert (in finance, wellness, etc.) who wants to grow your list of prospects for your services 
  • You want to reach more people with your work than you can do one-on-one 
  • You’ve maxed out your time and energy, and need to leverage 
  • You want a business you can run from anywhere, on your own schedule, and that doesn’t STOP when you leave your desk to spend time with family, take a vacation or just take a nap. 

This is NOT for you if:

  • You have a brick-and-mortar business like a restaurant or a dry-cleaning shop 
  • You sell only physical products or use e-commerce 
  • Your business is primarily Multi-Level Marketing (no judgment – but your company has rules about how you can market the product. If your product is only PART of what you do as an entrepreneur – for example, you’re a wellness coach who also sells essential oils for a company --- then you can benefit from this course) 
  • You are unwilling to learn a bit of technology or pay someone to handle it for you 
  • You think you shouldn’t have to market yourself, you’d rather wait for people to magically “find” you 

"Lisa’s sales page sold a $4000 program for me without my even having to have a sales conversation! That NEVER happened before!"

Amanda Moxley 

Here's What You'll Get Inside the 3 Step Copy-to-Cash Machine:

Step-by-step training that will get you excited about writing your copy – and even more excited about seeing the sales it makes! 

Module #1: Step 1 - Connect with Your Opt-in Page

  • Why your opt-in page is so much more important to your business than your website 
  • How to create irresistible free offers that have customers eagerly signing up 
  • Thank-you page strategies that make the most of the most undervalued real estate on the web 
  • Examples of great opt-in pages and why they work 
  • Creative ways to promote your opt in page 

Module #2: Step 2 - Cultivate With Your Email Sequence

  • How to build relationship, trust and credibility in your emails 
  • The difference between “broadcast” and “autoresponder” emails and how to artfully combine them 
  • 10 types of subject lines that get opened (not deleted or ignored) 
  • How to use storytelling in your emails to keep people hooked and waiting for your next message 
  • How to never bore or annoy your readers, even if you email a lot 
  • How to pivot from giving free content to asking for the sale 

Module #3: Step 3 - Close With Your Sales Page (The Strategy)

  • The five steps to a perfect sales message every time 
  • Ways to skyrocket your credibility even if you have no track record or testimonials 
  • How to tap into your prospect’s emotions and secret thoughts so she’ll think you’re reading her mind 
  • How to use your own story or your company’s story to demonstrate your value and show your reader you’re on the same team 
  • Bonuses that cost you little or nothing but are irresistible to your prospect! 

Module #4: Step 3 - Close With Your Sales Page (The Nuts & Bolts) 

  • How to write headlines that demand attention and make people keep reading 
  • Subheads and how to use them to build an “idea roadmap” that stands on its own and draws readers through your page
  • Features, benefits and “magic bullets” that maximize the value of every tiny detail of your course or product 
  • How, when and where to use a guarantee to make buyers feel at ease (not rip you off)  
  • What to include in your call to action and how to craft it so it closes the sale  

Module #5: Fine Tuning Your Copy-to-Cash Machine 

  • Looking back on what worked and what could work better 
  • What numbers matter and what NOT to stress out about 
  • How to tweak and improve at every stage of your Copy-to-Cash Machine so your sales --and confidence! -- keep growing over time


How to Use the 3 Steps in Product Launches

Now that you know how to create the three steps to build an evergreen system, here’s how to re-jigger the same components in the context of a product launch.

Facebook Ads Masterclasses with Julie Hagen Lowe and Val Shoopman

Now that you have your 3-Step Copy-to-Cash Machine in place, the next question is, how to get the leads in the front end. That means “traffic,” and these days Facebook ads are the most targeted way to get in front of the right people. These two bonus interrogations with bestselling author Val Shoopman and Facebook ads expert Julie Hagen Lowe break down the mysteries of Facebook ads into easy common-sense steps even the tech-challenged can take right away to fill your Copy-to-Cash Machine!

You ALSO Receive:

  • Downloadable transcripts of all training videos 
  • Complete Copy-to-Cash Checklist Organizer to keep you on track 
  •  Fillable pdf handouts, templates and swipe to get you inspired and get you started writing great copy that sells! 
  •  Private Facebook group for ongoing feedback from me and your peers 
  •  90 days of live Q&A calls and makeovers -- GET ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED! 
  •  Resource guide with links to all the exact tech you need – the simplest, best and cheapest -- curated for you 
  •  BONUS: Instant access to the complete "classic version" of Copy-to-Cash Machine 2.0 to get started right now!* (*New Copy-to-Cash 3.0 modules start rolling out week of 10/10) 

"The program is chock full of content and relevant examples, but what really set it apart for me was the brainstorming and feedback I received on my emails and sales pages. I highly recommend working with Lisa. I can’t wait for my next launch!" 

Lisa Crilley Mallis 

PLUS: Special Prelaunch Bonuses to thank you for joining me during my rollout: 

  • First 10 only – one-on-one copy review with me via Zoom, with recording(value $997) 

  • FREE FULL 1 year access to Q&A calls (instead of 90 days) to have my support with your copy for an entire year (additional real-world value @$97/month: $873 -- but really PRICELESS) 

  • $500 off pre-launch scholarship (also save 25% on payment plan) 

Investment $1497

Use code PRELAUNCH2016 at checkout to get $500 off during our pre-launch period 



12 payments of $97 

“Lisa zeroed in on the message I didn’t even know to ask for. If you want someone to not just help you with your copy but to collaborate and brainstorm with, I highly recommend working with Lisa Rothstein.” 

Gina DeVee

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course teach me how to write my main website? 

No. The Copy-to-Cash Machine 3.0 is specifically focused on giving you everything you need to write your opt in page, emails and sales page, the three pieces of copy that actually make you money. You may find you don’t even need a traditional website if you don’t already have one. That said, the clarity you’ll get in the Copy to Cash Machine 3.0 on the value of what you offer may very well help you improve the message on your main website as well. 

Why don’t I just hire a copywriter to do it for me? 

Here’s the inconvenient truth about us copywriters: We don’t guarantee results. We can’t. Why? Because it’s not an exact science, it’s partly an art. And because there are so many factors that influence sales success…your price, whether you’re marketing to the right people, how much you invest in advertising, and on and on. So we copywriters take your money, do our very best, and cross our fingers. 

The truth most copywriters will never tell you is: unless your business is already successful (you’re making lots of money and/or have a list of thousands of people) -- a scenario where the nuances a professional copywriter can deliver a return on investment – hiring a copywriter probably isn’t a good bet for you. A decent one (like me) charges many thousands of dollars just for a sales page. And even the best copy can’t make up for a business with little or no following, or a lack of clarity around your target market or the benefits of what you offer. You’d only be throwing money away. (I’m sorry if you’ve done this already; I’d like to save you from doing it again!)  

The great news is, when you learn to do your copy yourself, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how well it can work—AND how much better you understand your business and the value it brings. I’ve had clients become so confident after reading their own copy that they doubled their prices! And no one knows or cares about your business like you do.  

But what about delegating? (My coach told me I should.) 

Many well-known experts write their own copy, even when they delegate everything else. It’s that intimate and important! Still, you can always give your already-good first draft to a professional copywriter to “polish” for a whole lot less money – and better results -- than than having him or her write from scratch. 

For all these reasons, copywriting is a fantastic—and endlessly profitable -- skill for YOU to acquire. 

Investment: $1497 

 Use code PRELAUNCH2016 to get $500 off during our pre-launch period 

Only $997  


12 payments of $97